Below are some links that may be of interest to faceters and gem collectors.


Gemology and Faceting Informational Organizations

Gemological Institute of America:  The GIA’s official website to gemological information and formal training

Gemology Online:  A comprehensive gemology informational website

International Gem Society:  A website on gemological information for the public, with additional info for paying members

United States Faceters Guild:  A website dedicated to promtoing the art, skill and teaching of faceting


Forums for Gem and Gemology Enthusiasts

Gemology Online Forum:  A comprehensive forum covering all aspects of gemology

Pricescope Forum:  A customer-centric forum for gemstone enthusiats


Faceting Equipment Suppliers

Jon Rolfe of Batt Lap Fame:  A website wherein a multitude of laps and polishing supplies may be purchased

Polymetric Instruments, Zane Hoffman:  A faceting equipment manufacturer and all-around nice guy. The Deluxe Transfer Jig is tops


Quality Custom-Cut Gemstones

Custom Gemstones, Dan and Cindi Stair:  The custom cutting site that first got Dave Dawson interested in faceting