Below are the answers to many commonly asked questions regarding our site.


What types of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept payment only via PayPal or by domestic personal check/money order.  At our discretion, we may request that any checks or money orders clear at our bank prior to shipping the purchased item(s).  Please contact us regarding the availability of any materials, and to obtain the appropriate PayPal address or mailing address prior to sending payment.


What is your return policy?

For full details on our return policy, please click on the link for Return Policy and Terms of Sale at the bottom of the page.  In general we offer a 10 day inspection period on any rough or cut stone.  Unaltered items may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price less any shipping fees, if arranged within 10 days of receipt of the material.


How accurate are your photos?

We try very hard to accurately represent or gemstones and rough through our photographs.  However, gemstone and rough photography can be very difficult, and it is not always possible to get a perfect representation of a given product.

Dave uses a point-and-shoot camera with a specially modified lens attachment.  He typically shoots in mixed indoor lighting.

Cathy uses a Nikon D40X digital SLR camera, and typically shoots in indirect sunlight.

We generally do not like to digitally manipulate our images after shooting.  Rather, we prefer to get a shot that appears as close as possible to what our eye perceives.  However, some camera sensors just will not capture images that are consistent with the human eye.  In particular, Dave’s Kodak has trouble with certain shades of vibrant green and red.  Additionally, computer monitors make a huge difference in terms of color rendering, and it is impossible to control for differences between users’ monitors.

For these reasons, it is absolutely imperative that a buyer see a particular gem or piece of rough in hand, in order to decide if the piece is appropriate.  This is why we offer a 10 day inspection period.  When looking at a particular gemstone or piece of rough, please place more emphasis on the written descriptions or notes that accompany each entry.


Are your gemstones or rough stones treated?

Undisclosed gemstone treatments are absolutely unacceptable in our eyes.  In all cases, the treatment of ANY gemstone or rough will be fully disclosed to the extent that we are aware of it.  We will never sell any irradiated, dyed or glass-filled rough.  We do not sell synthetic (man-made) materials.  We do accept industry standard heat treatment, as is common with sapphires, as well as some tourmalines, quartzes and zircons.  In ALL cases heat treatment will be fully disclosed.  Whenever treatment status of a gemstone or piece of rough is unknown, we will specifically state this.  If a cut gem or piece of rough is ever found to be of a material or treatment status other than what was stated, we will immediately rectify the problem either by replacement with an appropriate material or by reimbursement.  You can rest assured that we will always represent our material as accurately as we are capable, and that we stand behind our word.


How do you clarity grade your stones and rough?

Clarity grading is a difficult subject!  There are MANY different clarity scales.  We do not prefer the use of descriptions such as “eye clean”, because these terms are very much subject to interpretation, and vary widely across their usage on the web.  Cathy advocates the use of the GIA clarity grading system.  Please note that under this system, the clarity terms change slightly based upon the type of gemstone being evaluated.  A full description of this grading system can be found here: Clarity Grading

Note that rough stones can be quite difficult to grade accurately.  We are very meticulous in trying to clarity grade our rough material.  If you find that any gemstone or rough stone fails to live up to our stated clarity grade, please let us know immediately so that we may make every effort to correct the situation.  Remember that you may always return any item that does not meet your expectations, as described in our Return Policy and Terms of Sale.


Will you cut my rough stones? (Do you cut on commission?)

Due to David’s limited time availability, he is not currently accepting new commission projects.  We may be able to assist you in locating a custom faceter or cabber if you should require these services.


Do you do repair work?

In general we do not do repair work on client’s estate gems.  We do not retain the services of a bench jeweler, and the risk of damage to valued pieces is too great.  Upon request, we may be able to direct a client to an appropriate cutter who performs these services.