Umba Padparadscha Sapphire

Faceter: David Dawson
Style: Brilliant Pear 1.16 by Jeff Graham
Weight: 0.84ct
Size: 6.32mm x 5.38mm x 3.71mm
Clarity: SI
Color: delicate medium orange Pink to golden yellow (sunlight) shifting to strong orange Pink (incandescent)
Treatment: NONE
Origin: Umba Valley, Tanzania

Price:   SOLD!
ORDERING: Please specify item# SAPF84u


This is a lovely little stone!  This color shift Umba Pad is SI clarity, and still puts on a GREAT light show.  Medium sl. orange Pink in low lighting, shifting to a golden yellow in more direct daylight, then to a hot orangey Pink in incandescent lighting…pretty stone and well-priced for a Padparadscha sapphire.