Customer Comments

Just received my Tanga Garnet, WOW, it is fantastic! I will definitely be purchasing more from you! THANKS…….all cutters should know what a great job you do at selecting premium product!
Cathy –
My wife, was thrilled with the stone! She loved the color, cut and especially the sparkle. It was definitely a hit.

Hello Cathy!
…What a beautiful stone!
There is virtually no extinction! Just beautiful green sparkle right back at ya!! You said it was bright but this stone just GLOWS! I looked at it with a 10X loupe and can see the silk you described but as you stated it certainly does not take away from this gem.
So thank you very much for such excellent service and a great gem at a great price!!

…about the long oval.  I love how the colour kind of flashes back and forth, as you roll the stone, almost like an opposed bar cut.  Fascinating little thing.  🙂

Hi Cathy,
I received the Grossular rough today. Thank you.
Feedback,…your pictures were spot on. Nice pieces, one piece is – flattish as you mentioned, and some small stones ( as expected )  but  I’m very pleased with the purchase.
I will not hesitate to buy from  you again, and I very much look forward to it.
Thanks a lot,

Hi, I received the Tourmaline. Great color, very nice cut and show of light. I look forward to visiting your web site again.
Best Regards,

Got the rocks.  They’re beautiful.

I got the garnets yesterday. They look great, thanks.

Hi Cathy,
I got my order in on Saturday and it exceeded my expectations. I’ve been burned by some online rough orders in the past, but I wouldn’t hesitate to place another order with you guys. Great communication and fast shipping, too.
Thanks for everything.

The stones were waiting in my mailbox and they are FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much for them.
I’ve been playing with them ever since I opened the package and looking at them under different lights and love them both…Your descriptions on the website were 100% spot on. Your cutting skills are amazing and I will definitely be a return customer 🙂
I’m looking forward to taking them to my jeweler and getting them set although not yet 100% sure what design setting I want for them, but definitely something simple to let the stones shine.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm Cathy. That is a very nice piece of rough.
Thanks again for always being great to work with.

Hi Cathy:
Oh how I LOVE them !!! Thank you again, I will be coming back for MORE!!!!!”

Hello Cathy,
I was very pleased with my stones.  Thanks for accurately depicting them on your site.  Makes buying from you very smooth.  Every purchase I’ve made has been great.

Hi Cathy,
I received my package today and the tourmaline is all I had hoped.  The color and clarity are beautiful.  The website photos really sold me on this item.  Four views of one item–such a luxury!
Thank you for your prompt and attentive service.  Stay warm!

Got my stone today! …It’s beautiful. The color is breathtaking. The large table almost makes it look neverending. I know I’ll be back for that sapphire now. I really appreciate the stone, and I’ll be sure to send pics when I use it.

OMG I love it!
I love how it’s not just the same ‘ol blue.  And again, I think your cutting really makes the stone…I am not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I think I’m not going to put it into any projects I plan to sell.  This one is for ME.

Hi Cathy,
I received your rough tourmaline and peridot today.  I am always apprehensive about using new rough gemstone suppliers but let me say, this has been an amazing experience!  The rough was exactly as described and will make excellent cut gemstones.  I will be ordering again from you very soon!
Thanks again,

Hi Cathy!
I received the gem rough material today and it looks great!  I can’t wait to order some more product from you!  Take care and I will be in touch soon.

Thanks for shipping the package quickly.  It arrived yesterday and is a beautiful color.  I appreciate your availability of such hard to find rough gemstone material.  Thanks,

Hey Cathy,
Rough this clean is hard to come by. I am well satisfied. My sincere thanks and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season to you and yours.