About Us

David Dawson

David Dawson first became interested in faceting while looking for a unique wedding gift for his fiancée:

“I was looking for a sapphire to set into a necklace.  I thought this would make a wonderful gift for the ‘something blue’ wedding day tradition.  I soon discovered that sapphires could be much more than just ‘blue’.  They could be green, yellow, clear, pink—just about any color!  They could be heated, unheated, chemically treated…I had no idea!”

“In the process of searching for the ‘something blue’ stone, I also discovered blue spinel…And from there, topaz, zircon and the whole host of other gems.  I purchased my first colored gemstone—a cushion cut spinel—from American custom cutter, Daniel J. Stair.  From that moment, I became absolutely fascinated by the idea of faceting my own stones.”

David has been faceting custom gemstones since 2007.  He was the winner of the Gold Medal in the 2010 United States Faceters Guild Premasters Single Stone Competition.  His stones emphasize unique designs with an obsessive attention to precision cutting and the polish.  While he works with all gem varieties, he still harbors a personal fondness for blue sapphire and spinel.

David does consider faceting on commission; however, he is closed to new projects at this time due to time constraints.

Cathy Dolson

As a child, Cathy was first exposed to rock collecting by her mother.  Together they would identify rocks found during walks on Long Island Beaches in New York.  “We would head back home and attempt to I.D. them, culling through geology books and a mini-geology science lab that my grandfather gave to me.  Most were rose quartz, smoky quartz, granite, mica etc.”

She also remembers her grandmother’s most amazing baubles–beautifully faceted colored stones from days long past.  When she was twelve years of age, Cathy’s grandparents gave her a rock tumbler for Christmas.  “To complete the polish it would take months (being young, it seemed like years!)  When the results were in, I was hooked!”  Cathy has been collecting faceted gemstones and facet rough ever since.

Cathy attended the “Parsons School of Design”, in New York, wherein, she received extensive training in Art History, Color Theory, and Design.  “The combination of being an Art and Science major, my innate curiosity, the love of rocks, being a girly-girl, and my passions; all of these things took their natural course, inevitably bringing me to the incredible world of custom faceted gemstones!”

Presently, Cathy maintains a large inventory of top-quality facet rough.  Being a naturalist, she insists on handling only natural stones, and she tolerates no treatments except that of gentle heat.  While she, primarily, deals in the sale of facet rough to custom cutters, she has recently purchased her own machine, with the hopes of creating her own masterpieces.